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"I carry a lot of guilt still to this day. I feel like I let you down."


Ann writes a letter to her friend, Carol, who died due to alcohol in 2007.

Alright Carol? I wish you were here with me, you were taken far too young, and I feel partly responsible for that.


We did everything together: worked together, laughed together, and drank and partied hard together. You were a good listener, and always gave good advice. I just wish you took your own advice and things might have been different right now. You were also funny, just with some of the antics we got up to, like prank calls to takeaways and to family members.


You have missed meeting my family. You knew Ashley, who you adored. She is married now and will be 32 this year, and my son is 21 this year. I also have a granddaughter who is Ashley’s spitting image, you would have loved her to bits as well.


I’ve lost contact with your family as I feel really guilty for not visiting you when you were dying in the hospital due to alcohol. I still can’t get that out my head, in a way I couldn’t bare to look at you, not because you were so ill looking, but because I know that it could’ve been me.


I carry a lot of guilt still to this day. I feel like I let you down.


I will never forget you Carol, I just wish I made the effort to see you.


Until we meet again,


Ann xxx

Carol's death was preventable.

Ann's story shows the devastating impact the loss of a life to alcohol or drugs has on the family and friends left behind.


We have the power to create change, especially when we come together to take action. You can support this work by agreeing to the "See Beyond" pledge below.

“I pledge to be respectful and compassionate towards those affected by substance use, including the families and friends of those who have died from alcohol or drugs.


I will show respect by using kind and non-judgmental language about those affected by alcohol or drugs.


I will show compassion by reaching out to someone who has lost a loved one to alcohol or drugs and asking them how they are doing today.”

Thank you for making a difference.

We have compiled some resources to provide support to people who are affected by someone’s drug/alcohol use as well as those impacted by the death of a loved one due to drugs/alcohol.

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